Hiking in Ontario Canada

The Hastings Heritage Trail is a four-seasons, multi-use trail that follows an old railway line linking Hastings County.

Vital to the early economy and settlement of the region, between the late 1880's and early 1900's, the railway carried iron ore, timber and farm produce triggering competition between different railway companies for transporting these commodities. Passenger trains also serviced many communities and farms along the way.

After the mining boom, many railway companies merged or went out of business; tracks which were no longer economically viable were deserted, leaving a recreational corridor of railway beds, stretching from Glen Ross to Lake St. Peter.

The Hastings Heritage Trail offers the adventurer an opportunity to explore the natural and historical wealth of Hastings County.

Crossing active creeks and rushing rivers, the elevated railway bed allows travelers a wonderful view of unspoiled wilderness. It is an excellent vantage point to spot birds and other wildlife, and offers intriguing glimpses of small settlements once viewed by train passengers.

Remnants of old railway stations and trestle bridges can be observed along the trail as reminders of how railroads help forge this country.

The Hastings Heritage Trail is open year round to hikers, cyclists, horseback riders, skiers, dog sledders, snowmobilers, and recreational vehicle operators.


  • No entry without Trillium Trail or O.F.S.C Trail Permits (Pass not required for Hikers/walkers)
  • No entry without permit from Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance for road Vehicles.
  • Use at own risk.
  • License & Insurance required for all motorized vehicles.
  • No Hunting.
  • No overnight camping.
  • Stay on trails.
  • Use at own risk.

For more specific information about the Hastings Heritage Trail visit the Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance website.