Fishing Ontario Canada


Distribution in the area:

Kamaniskeg Lake, Lake St. Peter, Weslemkoon Lake,

Physical Description:

Slightly compressed body, moderate body form
Dorsal fin origin usually above anterior half of pelvic fin base
Medium-sized eye
Moderately rounded snout; slightly large mouth, almost inferior
Fully scaled or nearly fully scaled breast
Males get tubercles on front and side of snout over eye, lower cheek, and most fins
Smudge at the anterior base of the dorsal fin
Dusky dorsal and tail fin edges

Similar species:

Creek chub (Semotilus atromaculatus)

Mean body size:

Adults are 150-300 mm standard length

Clear creeks and rivers of moderate and low gradient

Food Habits:

Young feed on phytoplankton, zooplankton, and insects
Juveniles and adults eat insects, crayfish, fish, algae, and detritus

Reproductive Habits:

Mature at age 2 or 3
Spawning occurs late April to June at water temperatures of 14.4-19°C
Nests are dome-like mounds with a pit in the downstream part, built with gravel-sized stones, topped with small rubble
Fecundity is about 2,000-12,000 eggs per female
Can naturally hybridize with Clinostomus funduloides and Luxilus cornutus


Popular gamefish with some anglers
Varied opinions on the taste of the meat