Fishing Ontario Canada


Distribution in the local area:

Banner Lake, Big McGarry Lake, Cardwell Lake, Carfrae Lake, Egan Lake, Lake St. Peter, Spring Lake, Whiteduck Lake, Wollaston Lake,


Slightly compressed body
Terminal mouth, jaw angle behind the eye
Black spots, rosy side with pink, red, or purple band or blush, brassy back, with green and purple iridescence
Small adipose fin
Moderate-sized dorsal fin centered on the body
Broad, forked tail fin
Large breeding males develop a kype (extended lower jaw) used for fighting

Mean body size:

Adults are 150-800 mm standard length


Streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes

Food Habits:

Young eat crustaceans and insects
Adults eat crustaceans, insects, and fish

Reproductive Habits:

Naturalized rainbow trout in Virginia mature in 1 year
Spawning occurs in February to May at 10-15OC
Migrate upstream to spawn
Excavate a nest called a redd in shallow, gravel runs
Fecundity is 200-9,000 eggs per female

Population Status, Economic, or Ecological Importance:
Rainbow trout are one of the top five gamefish
Probably the most frequently stocked trout
Raised commercially for food