Kaminiskeg Lookout

Kaminiskeg Lookout

A great lookout spot, this location views northwards onto Kaminiskeg Lake from a nearby hilltop. Perched above Highway 62 you are away from the noise of highway traffic.


A plaque is found with the following Inscription:

John Wesley Dafore 1866 - 1944

Born in Bangor Township, Dafoe began his career with the 'Montreal Daily Star" in 1883. Two years later he became editor of the "Ottawa Evening Journal", following which he served on the "Manitoba (later Winnipeg) Free Press". 1886-92. Returning to Montreal, he worked on the "Daily Herald" and "Star". In 1901 he rejoined the Winnipeg paper, remaining its editor until 1944. A crusading journalist, he championed Dominion status, the League of Nations and the welfare of the Canadian West and was a founder of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs. He took part in the Paris Peace Conference, 1919; the imperial Conference, 1923; and served on the Royal Commission on Dominion-Provincial Relations 1937-40.


South side of Highway 62, 14 km north of the hamlet of Maple Leaf.