So just how was all that tall timber transported down these pint-size rivers? By log chutes - an engineering marvel of the logging industry in the 1800s. To see how one works, visit Crooked Slide Park.

This faithfully restored chute on Rockingham Creek is a fine example of those used carry logs over the rock waters of several Ottawa Valley rivers including the Madawaska, the Bonnechere, and the Ottawa.

Flumes (chute's) like this were used to bypass rapids and rough terrain which would damage the lumber. With apparatus like this loggers didn't have to use the river where the logs were more apt to jam, as well flumes were used to connect lakes when no suitable river was available. Where as a dam would ensure an even waterflow.

A Canadian invented the log chute in 1829, literally changing the face of the logging industry. Log chutes were used in the area from the late 1800s until the 1930s. They were an important part of the heritage of this region.
There used to be dozens of log chutes in the county but they're all gone now, except for a few remains here and there.

The park has undergone some recent upgrades, restoring the older chute and bridge with newer materials.

Cooked slide park has a, shaded Picnic area, washroom facilities, as well swimming and fishing.

A Plaque is located at the far entrance with the following inscription:


Dedicated to
The Pioneer River Drivers
Who Drove Logs on this spot
in the original chute up until
the year 1910
the land was donated by
Murray Bros Lumber Company
The oldest local lumber Company
Still in operation officially
opened on May 22, 1976
Constructed under a joint effort of
the Township of Radcliffe and
the Government of Canada


Take highway 62 North to just past Comberemere, Make a right turn onto Old Barry's Bay road you will also see a sign to Crooked Slide Park, continue on Old Barry's Bay Road for about 2 Km, Crooked Slide Park on the left hand side of Old Barry's Bay Road. There are two entrances and parking area's, the first entrance has washrooms and shded area for picnic, second entrance 25 m from first and has 2 pillars made of wood and stone.



Rockingham Creek

Recent Pic of Chute

Older Pic of Chute