Atving Around Ontario Canada's
Algonquin Park


Atving, algonquin park, Ontario Canada

Atving in around Ontario's Algonquin Park & Area is beautiful with everything you need to make an ATV Adventure the number one item on your getaway plan. From organized tours to just riding the miles of open forest trails, come and experience the fresh air, the freedom to ride, and the opportunity to enjoy nature at its finest that Ontario has to offer.

In many areas there are several hundred kilometres of forest access roads and abandoned rail lines that are accessible by ATV's and that are in the process or are developed as trail networks. It is important that all trail users recognize they can cause damage to the environment if they ride irresponsibly. The Couples Resort believe in sustainable forestry and recognize the importance of the forest for its ecological, economic and recreational values.

What began as the hunters and anglers transportation for outdoor pursuits is now recognized as a fast growing sport that offers countless hours of fun and excitement in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

The Couples Resort offers first-class luxury suites overlooking beautiful Galeairy lake as well as offering ATVing in and around the Algonquin park area.

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