Mineral Collecting Ontario Canada Algonquin Park & Area

Listed are some of the Minerals that can be found in and around Ontario's Algonquin Park.
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A list of commodities that have been mined in the past include: corundum, feldspar, uranium, graphite, iron, nepheline syenite, mica, marble, granite, lead, gold, molybdenite, apatite, beryl, fluorite, tale & sodalite.

Mining in most cases, was carried out on a limited scale, between 1880 and 1935, and was largely confined to open cuts and small quarries.

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Minerals Most Commonly found in the Area include:

Some of the minerals listed and grouped into 5 classifications

Primary Rock-Forming Minerals of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks

Feldspar group: microcline
Mica Group: muscovite, phlogopite, biotite
Amphibole Group: hornblende, actinolite, tremolite
Pyroxene Group: augite, diopside
quartz, nepheline, garnet, zircon, titanite (sphene)

Secondary Minerals formed by Alterations

serpentine, chlorite, epidote, scapolite

Chemically Precipitated Minerals, Forming Sedimentary Rocks:

calcite, gypsum , quartz

Metalic Ore Minerals:

Iron Minerals: magnetite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, hematite , goethite
Copper Minerals:chalcopyrite
Lead Mineral: galena
Uranium Minerals: uraninite, uranothorite
Rare-earth element and radioactive minerals:allanite
Molybdenum Mineral:molybdenite
Beryllium Mineral: beryl

Nonmetallic Minerals

apatite, brucite, corundum, graphite , sodalite, tourmaline