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Mines and Minerals of Eastern Ontario.

Ontario Mines and Minerals

Listed are some of the areas Mines, skarns and roadcuts, collecting sites and minerals associated with each occurance.

A list of commodities that have been mined in the past include: corundum, feldspar, uranium, graphite, iron, nepheline syenite, mica, marble, granite, lead, gold, molybdenite, apatite, beryl, fluorite, tale & sodalite.

Mining in most cases, was carried out on a limited scale, between 1880 and 1935, and was largely confined to open cuts and small quarries

Directions and more information on where these mines are located can be found by contacting local area mineral and rock shops.

Gutz Farm Corundum:
Brudnell Township

corundum, allanite, natrolite, hydro-nephelite, sodalite, cancrinite

Dwyer Fluorite Mine
Cardiff Township
apatite, calcite, feldspar, fluorite, hornblende, zircon.

Burgess Corundum:
Carlow Township
Corundum crystals, scapolite, magnetite, hornblende, biotite, muscovite, pyrite, titanite, chlorite, rutile and zircon.

Cancrinite Hill:
Dungannon Township
Cancrinite, sodalite, apatite, molybdenite, magenite, tourmaline.

Davis Hill:
Dungannon Township
Biotite, nepheline, apatite, calcite, magnetite, sodalite

Davis Quarry:
Dungannon Township
Sodalite, hackmanite, zircon, apatite, biotite, calcite, muscovite, uraninite.

Egan Chute:
Dungannon Township
corundum, sodalite, nepheline, calcite, pyrite, cancrinite, albite (feldspar), biotite, tourmaline and scapolite.

Goulding-Keene Quarry:
Dungannon Township
Nepheline, biotite, albite, apatite, calcite, cancrinite, graphite, scapolite, natrolite, zircons, pyrite, hydronephelite, sodalite

Lily Robertson:
Dungannon Township
corundum, scapolite, sodalite, spinel, tourmaline, magnetite and molybdenite.

Morrison Quarry:
Dungannon Township
sodalite, nepheline, hackmanite, cancrinite, zircon, tourmaline and biotite.

Upper Turriff Garnet:
Dungannon Township

York River Skarn:
Dungannon Township
Garnet, vesuvianite, calcite, cancrinite, scapolite, zicon.

Princess Sodalite Mine:
Dungannon Township
Rock Farm Collecting.The Princess Sodalite Mine is highly regarded by mineral collectors as an important stop on their mineral expedition . In addition to sodalite, the Rock Shop has an extensive selection of local and world wide mineral specimens, fossils, carvings, rock crafts and jewellery.

Faraday Hill Roadcut:
Faraday Township
Tremolite-actinolite, apatite, calcite, molybdenite, pyrite, uraninite.

Silver Crater Mine:
Faraday Township
Betafite, biotite, apatite, cacite, feldspar, hornblende, magnetite

Baptiste Lake North Occurences:
Herschel Township
quartz, apatite, feldspar, augite, titanite, scapolite, actinolite

Bower's Point Roadcut:
Herschel Township
Augite, calcite, scapolit, titanite, zircon

Diamond Lake Roadcut:
Herschel Township
Feldspar, hornblende, mica, pyroxene, scapolite, titanite.

Warwickite Occurrence:
Herschel Township
warwickite, anatase, apatite, chondrolite, clinoamphibole, flourite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, scapolite, serpentine, sinhalite, spinel, tourmaline

Bessemer Mine:
Mayo Township
Magnetite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, amphibole, calcite, epidote, garnet.

Graphite Roadcut:
Monteagle Township
Actinolite, diopside, albite, feldspar, quartz, phlogopite mica

Macdonald Mine:
Monteagle Township
Feldspar, peristerite, quartz, graphic granite, allanite, pyrite, crylotite zircon, uranopyochlore, fluorite, magnetite, ilmenite, scapolite, pyrrhotite,chalcopyrite and galena

Musclow Occurance:
Monteagle Township
Smoky quartz, augite, calcite, hematite, druzy quartz, scapolite, feldspar, pyroxene and apatite crystals

Quirk Lake:
Monteagle Township
druzy quartz, augite, albite, apatite, mica and hematite crystals, calcite.

American Molybdenite Mine:
Monmouth Township
apatite,molybdenite, pryroxene, titanate

Desmont Mine:
Monmouth Township
Clinopyroxene, amphibole, ancylite, apatite, clondrodite, garnet, hydroxylbastnaesite, molybdenite, monazite, pyrite, quartz, scapolite, serpentine, stillwellite, titanite, tourmaline, uranothorite

Canadian All Metals Mine:
Monmouth Township
apatite, betafite, orange calcite, datolite, diopside, graphite, magnetite mica, pyrite, quartz, serpentine, thorianite, tourmaline, talc, uraninite, pink zircon

Essonville Roadcut:
Monmouth Township
Flourorichterite, phlogopite, diopside, calcite

Miller Apatite Mine:
Monmouth Township
apatite, biotite, calcite, feldspar, horneblende, mica, pyrite, serpentine, sphene, titanate.

Rare Earth Mine No. 1:
Monmouth Township
allanite, corundum, graphite, molybdenite, uraninite, uranothorite, zircon, pyrite, scapolite, titanate, ruranianitae, uranthote.

Rare Earth Mine No. 2:
Monmouth Township
allanite, titanate, urainite, uranthorite, zircon

Saranac Mine:
Monmouth Township
Zircon, thorite, allanite, calcite, goethite, graphite, scapolite, titanite.

Virginia (Wilberforce) Graphite Mine:
Monmouth Township
goethite, graphite, mica, scapolite, serpentine, brown titanate, tourmaline.

Wilberforce Molybdenite Mine:
Monmouth Township
apatite, calcite, diopside, mica, molybdenite

Howland Iron Mine:
Snowden Township
calcite, hematite, hornblende, magnetite

Bear Lake Occurance:
Monmouth Township
Apatite, biolitite, calcite, hornblende, titanite.

Beryl Pit:
Lyndoch Township
Beryl, peristerite, amazonite, smoky quartz, cleavelandite, tourmaline.

Listed below are mines that were in operation during the 1900's, these mines are listed for historical purpose and reside on private land or status whether they are opened to the public is not available.

Cardiff Township:

Cardif Mine:
Deer Lake Apatite:
Owyer Mine:
Richardson Mine:

Monteagle Township:

McCormack Mine:
Watson Mine:
Cairnes Mine:
Woodcox Mine:
Thompson Mine:
Genesee Mine No. 2:
Graphite Mine:
Quirk Lake:

Mayo Township

Rankin Mine:

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